Create Your Advantage

The Australian fertiliser industry is a mature and highly competitive market environment. The challenge remains to create the advantage, becoming the preferred fertiliser supplier in an area, or grow your market share in a specific region.

Local broadacre production is relatively stable in Australia, with limited crop varieties grown, therefore there is little movement in base fertiliser requirements.

Fertiliser Use in Australia

(year ended 30 June 2017)

Australian Bureau of Statistics Area applied to Amount applied
Main fertiliser grades applied (‘000 ha) (‘000 t)
Nitrate slow release fertiliser 1,635 151
Urea slow release fertiliser 2,471 291
Urea 11,174 1,387
Ammonium sulphate 1,464 146
Ammonium phosphates 13,192 963
Other nitrogen based fertilisers 2,082 288
Single superphosphate 5,317 700
Double and / or triple superphosphate 1,575 176
Other phosphorous-based fertilisers 3,752 359
Muriate of potash and / or sulphate of potash 1,872 140
All fertilisers 50,383 4,873

Where Growers Source Fertiliser

Factors that influences grower’s decision where to source their fertiliser from, may include the following:

  • Price and finance options.
  • Availability, including distance from distribution complex.
  • Best suited nutrient composition.
  • Dynamics of the loading and collection process.
  • Marketing and representation.
  • Customer partnerships, value and support.

Crommelin AgriCoatings® specialises in partnering with fertiliser manufacturers and distributors, to create a unique and realistic advantage.

Crommelin AgriCoatings® industry expertise is centred on fertiliser coatings and application systems, delivering the following advantages:

  • Binder coatings to improve dusty fertiliser.
  • Filler coatings to bind fines and friable surfaces.
  • Coating options to maintain quality during extended fertiliser storage.
  • Addition of micro-nutrients and/or trace elements in a simple one step process.
  • 0.3% – 1% elemental value per tonne of fertiliser (up to 2.5% elemental value under specified conditions).
  • On dispatch or as a pre-coat component.

Crommelin AgriCoatings® works in partnership with you to identify all areas of opportunity that can make a real difference.

Crommelin AgriCoatings® produces customised products and offers specific solutions, tailored to your plant and your requirements.