Micronutrient coating for granular fertiliser.

Dispersion of ultra-fine Cuprous Oxide particles in a stable fluid base that flows easily and cures or sets on the fertiliser granule’s surface in a thin film, within seconds of application.

Typical spcecifications

Cuprous Oxide: 58.3%
Copper analysis: 50%
Specific Gravity: 2 (1 L = 2 kg)
Appearance: deep red, viscous liquid

Packaging & storage

600L (1200kg) in a 1000L IBC.
Store with lid closed in warehouse – not in direct sunlight.


The base liquid is an environmentally friendly formulation, fully biodegradable, not toxic and beneficial to soil organisms.

Dispersed Cuprous oxide particles has a max particle diameter of 5 microns. This provides excellent adhesion to granules and a huge surface area for fast conversion/breakdown rates and availability for plant uptake.

Warning: Hazardous component

This product contains Copper, a marine pollutant, which can be harmful if swallowed. See product SDS for specific hazards.

Application Rate

1 kg coating per ton fertiliser = 0.5 kg Cu or 0.05% Cu analysis.
10 kg coating per ton fertiliser = 5.0 kg Cu or 0.50% Cu analysis.
20 kg coating per ton fertiliser = 10.0 kg Cu or 1.0% Cu analysis.


Directions for use

IBCs containing SATS Cu should be mixed at least once per week with an IBC mixer or similar.

Apply to granular fertiliser in a batch mixer or continuous blending system. Coverage is improved by granule movement.

Application can be via spray nozzles or drip-bar.

Do not employ a filter or strainer in the liquid stream.

SATS Cu should not be diluted, but can be co-applied with fungicides or soil enhancers.

Spray systems should be flushed if not used regularly.