Nutrient Coatings

Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS product range is based on dispersions and solutions of micro nutrients and trace elements in a stable slurry suspension, formulated to easily coat and set on fertiliser granules.


The liquid base in which the nutrients are dispersed or dissolved, has the following 3 main qualities:

  1. It is fully biodegradable and soil beneficial – it contains components that stimulates soil microbial activity making nutrients more plant available. Increases soil fertility due to pH regulation while also introducing beneficial and essential trace elements and minerals.
  2. Promotes well on the surface of granular fertiliser to ensure each and every granule carries the nutrient coating into the soil during seeding.
  3. Attaches well onto the granule surface to ensure no dislodging during prolonged storage or multiple handling phases.


Custom Solutions

Although we produce industry standard coatings, Crommelin AgriCoatings® focus  is on providing customised coating solutions. These are designed in partnership with each customer to address specific requirements to deliver unique and customised products and solutions.

Most of the current SATS product range has an elemental value of 50%. i.e.:
SATS Zn is a ZnO dispersion with a 50% elemental Zinc content.
(500g Zn / kg)

SATS ZnCu is a ZnO + CuO dispersion with a 50% total elemental Zinc and Copper value.
(333g Zn + 167g Cu / kg)

SATS S 50% elemental Sulphur dispersion.
(500g S / kg)

Formulation Process

During the formulation process, all customer specific requirements are accommodated, to deliver a customised product and system package. These may include fluidity, stability, base fertiliser grades and application requirements.

Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS are formulated to deliver the following advantages:
• The addition of micro nutrients, by a simple but effective and accurate process.
• Provides a nutrient rich coating that promotes well on granule surface.
• No need to handle nutrient powders, creating a safe and clean work place.
• Coating sets within seconds, producing a well-integrated thin film.
• Will not chip off or become dusty.

Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS suspensions are usually added to the granular fertiliser in a coating drum, cylinder, mixer, auger, ribbon or paddle blender. The simple process can be completed as part of a continuous blending system, or as a batch system. Well-designed belt coating systems can also be used for lower application rates.

Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS addition rates can vary from 0.1% to 2.5%. There are many factors that can influence application rates, but generally Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS are applied to achieve between 0.3% and 0.8% elemental value.


Logistical advantages:

  • Due to the almost exclusive use of bulk fertilisers in the Australian broad acre agricultural industry, distributors do not have enough storage space to warehouse a single season’s fertiliser volume.
  • In addition, seeders are increasingly understanding the value of crop and soil specific nutrient requirements per season. This results in continued requests for access to an ever increasing range of nutrients.
  • Distributors are challenged to add more and more fertiliser grades to their range, further complicating storage, stock management and distribution requirements.
    Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS delivers a system to apply nutrients “on demand”, with no need for distributors to stock a large range of fertiliser grades.
  • Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS simply adds nutrients as required, simplifying stock and distribution systems.

Cost advantages:

  • Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS adds nutrients to fertiliser base grades or blends in a fast, clean and cost effective process.
  • Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS requires no powder handling and measurement equipment, or costly systems required to manage dust associated with the handling of ultra-fine powders.

Quality assured advantages:

  • Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS products are formulated to fulfil all the requirements of a highly competitive and demanding market.
  • Crommelin AgriCoatings® SATS delivers high quality and long lasting results that are unaffected by fertiliser storage.