Fertiliser Dust Suppressant

High fertiliser dust levels have a negative impact on health, the environment and infrastructure. Excessive dust levels during handling are also a safety issue, limiting operator visibility during loading and handling. In addition, the high surface area of plume dust particles is understood to cause fertiliser caking by attracting moisture into the product.

Dust Created During Fertiliser Handling When FDS is Not Used.
Dust Created During Fertiliser Handling When FDS is Not Used.
Dusty Fertiliser Granules
Fertiliser granules which are not covered with FDS
Fertiliser Granules Covered with FDS
Fertiliser Granules Covered with FDS


Crommelin AgriCoatings® FDS (fertiliser dust suppressant) is formulated to deliver the following advantages:

  • High dust binding performance, suitable for use with potassium, phosphate and nitrogen based granular fertilisers.
  • Simple to handle and apply, setting to a thin film on the granule surface, entrapping dust particles in the body of the film.
  • Aqueous based coating with a low moisture content, well suited for fertiliser grades that suffer from surface re-crystallisation in the presence of moisture.
  • Normally a FDS application during fertiliser dispatch will remove all dust before farm consumption, or on-farm silo or shed storage.
  • Also suitable for application during in-take, managing in store dust levels.


The Benefits

Crommelin AgriCoatings® FDS is successfully applied via conveyor belt coating systems, auger / screw conveyor systems and batch or continuous coating drums, delivering the following benefits:

Effective Dust Binding:

  • Highly efficient dust trapping capacity.
  • Forms a film that is not affected by environmental conditions, and will not become brittle or soggy.
  • Long lasting performance, dependant upon storage conditions and base fertiliser quality.
  • Unlike mineral or vegetable oils, Crommelin AgriCoatings® FDS will not migrate into the granule, will not leave it dried out or revert to a dusty surface after only a few weeks.
Fertiliser without FDS Fertiliser with FDS

Logistical Advantages:

  • Minimises stock shrinkage and associated losses.
  • Prevents caking during storage and ensure free flowing fertiliser.
  • Dust removal allows more accurate filling of tanks and vessels.

Cost Effective: 

  • Fast, simple, single, low dose application. 


  • Premium quality coating, formulated to specific standards without the use of waste or by-products.
  • Suitable for in warehouse IBC storage for up to 12 months.
  • Soil beneficial and does not contain any harmful, hazardous or toxic components.
  • Naturally electrostatic helping improve soil aggregates, water retention and soil aeration.