Who We Are

Crommelin AgriCoatings® is an innovator, manufacturer and distributor of value-add fertiliser coatings, designed to be applied to granular fertiliser.

Our Focus

We have a strong focus on soil health, plant availability of nutrients, and crop response to our products.

Our Products

Supplement Attachment Products

SATS Micronutrients. Dispersions of micronutrients and trace elements.

Fertiliser Dust Suppressant (FDS)

Fertiliser Dust Suppressants, particle binders & soil enhancers.


Coating technology for urea fertiliser, to improve handling and compatibility.

Our Services

Customised solutions for improved fertiliser performance.

Advice and guidance on fertiliser coatings in general.

Guidance on equipment & application methods, including advice on coating best practise.

Crop-trial work to confirm crop response to nutrient combinations. (on a comparative basis).

Introduction, evaluation and commercialisation of our technology in our customer’s business.


Crommelin AgriCoatings® products are formulated for use by fertiliser manufacturers, traders, distributors or growers.

Crommelin AgriCoatings® is a locally owned Australian company, with our main manufacturing facility in Perth, WA.