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Images Taken from Crommelin AgriCoatings® Testing Facility in Perth, Western Australia


Crommelin AgriCoatings.®
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The bulk fertiliser industry is often described as a “stagnant & mature market sector” with limited flexibility and little differentiation between regional distributors.

Here at Crommelin AgriCoatings® we believe the contrary.
We see the potential and opportunity to differentiate and add real value by formulating fertiliser coatings that improves quality, are soil beneficial, flexible in nutrient composition and simple to apply to granular fertiliser.

Our philosophy is to work with fertiliser manufacturers, distributors and/or growers to provide individually tailored, yield improving solutions in the bulk fertiliser industry.

How can we work with you to create your advantage?

Game Changing Innovation.

When you partner with Crommelin AgriCoatings®, you get access to products that deliver more to growers. From increased yields to improved handling and storage characteristics.

We are still discovering new ways our technologies are generating improved results for growers across the world.

Innovating | Discovering | Expanding


Make use of our trial programme (based on comparative testing) to determine the impact of your coated fertiliser, on your soil type, on your crop.

World 1st: Coat urea with OptiU to prevent clumping or to enable urea - phosphate blending, or even add NBPT, nutrients or soil enhancers to urea, without lowering the urea’s CRH.

Ensure crop yield by coating fertiliser with a customised SATS nutrient addition coating.

Improve safety during handling, the flowability, and the storage capacity of fertiliser by coating with our FDS (Fertiliser Dust Suppressant)

Our Products and Services.

Support & Service

Consultation services for distributors to integrate our technology and for growers to maximise yields.

Fertiliser Dust Suppressant (FDS)

Coatings to reduce fertiliser dust levels during handling and use.

Supplement Attachment

A range of nutrient coatings formulated to easily coat and set on fertiliser granules.


Urea Coating to assist in the handling, storage and compatibility of Urea.

First in Innovation.

Crommelin AgriCoatings® is one of the first established companies in the world to formulate and test fertiliser coating products. Our testing facility underscores our commitment to development and innovation, producing more effective products that generate higher yields.

The Proof is in the Plant.

When you choose our coating technologies you are choosing proven, established solutions that deliver results to your growers. As a locally owned Australian Company, you can be confident you are getting the very best quality products made to the highest standards.


Latest News.

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